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On the first Sunday of every month we have a family friendly special event. Bring family & friends to enjoy different outings of fun, fellowship, and doing something different. Afterwards you’re welcome to join us in discussions, meditation, breathing exercises, and self exploration to put us more in tune with the Source of all of things. We typically do the later around a small fire that adds to the atmosphere of communication during fellowship.

All events begin approximately at 2:30 on the 1st Sunday of every month. Beginning Immediately after our Sunday service that starts at 1:30 every Sunday. We welcome you to attend the service yet that’s not required.

Also, unless otherwise announced on our website or Mystics Of Texas Facebook page, there is an open invitation to anyone who wishes to learn self-defense tactics in real world situations. This provides confidence and skills to have an increased opportunity to protect yourself, family, and friends in an ever increasingly dangerous world. We strive to provide positive energy into the world and do our part to alleviate negative worldly energy. Yet there are times that certain skills are required to thwart attackers/negativity. Come out and have fun while learning new skills.

Self Defense Training is held every Wednesday at 6:00 pm at the church/sanctuary dojo. The entire family is welcome.



Spiritual Yoga

A fun filled service of beginners yoga instructed by an experienced teacher to elevate the body/mind/spirit connection. Starts at 1:15. Bring water, yoga mat or blanket, and comfortable loose clothing.



Getting In Tune With Nature

Music, food, and fruit tree pruning. We will gather in the fruit tree orchard to prune trees in nature. Everyone who helps and comes regularly to Sunday service will be able to participate in having their reward of mother natures bounty: wholesome healthy food. Come observe Gods blueprint providing for our bodily temple.

Every Event Day is open to the public & FREE for all. Although keep in mind there is a cost associated with supplies, food, electricity, water, etc., so if you find it in your heart for a small donation to help us with the cost that would be enormously appreciated. However not required.
Thanks and we look forward to visiting with you and making new friends. Also, while here we can give tours of the facilities and land for group or private prayer/meditations.

Mystics Of Texas

We believe life is more meaningful when we all have a deep understanding of ourselves, others, and communion with God. This allows for a more expansive respect for Mother Nature and all living creatures.

We believe there is not one prophet; not one religion; not one scope in scientific study; not one of mans “god(s)”; none of these could possibly have all the correct answers. So we explore them all with the reasoning ability the universe bestowed on us all to exercise.