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Here at Universal Spiritual Life Church (Mystics Of Texas), we celebrate, honor, respect, & promote the union of loving supportive marriages.

 There are few occasions during the year where the opportunity to conduct marriage ceremonies here on our beautiful sanctuary grounds become available. Such occasions are rare. Although call to inquire because we may be able too accommodate.

Our facilities are primarily devoted to Sunday worship & almost daily varied church services. However we do extend the grounds & any available facilities to regular attendees to host their marriage ceremonies for practically free (other than covering the cost of a few incidentals such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap, cleaning supplies, insurance, etc).

If you are looking for a spiritual home & somewhere that supports matrimonial health then come visit. Also if you are a couple planning to get married then come visit to discover if this sanctuary resonates with you to be a regular attendee. If so then you would be welcome to use the facilities as described above. Call or email for more information: Kevin Schmidt 318-402-1811 or

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Mystics Of Texas

We believe life is more meaningful when we all have a deep understanding of ourselves, others, and communion with God. This allows for a more expansive respect for Mother Nature and all living creatures.

We believe there is not one prophet; not one religion; not one scope in scientific study; not one of mans “god(s)”; none of these could possibly have all the correct answers. So we explore them all with the reasoning ability the universe bestowed on us all to exercise.