Address: 3853 FM 1999, Karnack, Texas 75661

Worship Begins At 1:30 pm Every Sunday

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Weddings Made More Special Here…

This incredibly beautiful family farm has grown into a place where we firmly encourage the healthy coming together of couples in the sanctity of marriage. For such a wonderful occasion it makes perfect sense to surround the special event in a place that has it all.

Here at what has become known as The Venue At Doodley Dee’s Farm, which is now a spiritual sanctuary, we invite all religions to come here and celebrate the grand union of coming together in marriage.

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Mystics Of Texas

We believe life is more meaningful when we all have a deep understanding of ourselves, others, and communion with God. This allows for a more expansive respect for Mother Nature and all living creatures.

We believe there is not one prophet; not one religion; not one scope in scientific study; not one of mans “god(s)”; none of these could possibly have all the correct answers. So we explore them all with the reasoning ability the universe bestowed on us all to exercise.

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