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Unlocking the Power Within: Exploring the Cosmos and Connecting with Universal Energies We Call God

The Earth, cosmos, and the universal energies that many refer to as “God” have bestowed upon humanity a remarkable gift – the power of mental faculties. These faculties enable us to be acutely aware of ourselves and our surroundings, especially through meditation. We delve into the significance of self-awareness, the exploration of our inner selves, and the profound impact it has on our connection to the universal energies, Infinite Intelligence, which is commonly known as God.

Self-awareness is the cornerstone of human consciousness. It is through self-awareness that we gain insights into who we truly are – our strengths, weaknesses, desires, and fears. By cultivating self-awareness, we embark on a transformative journey that allows us to understand ourselves better. As we become more acquainted with our own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, we gain a deeper understanding of our place in the universe. This promotes the individuals internal knowledge allowing us to communicate meaningfully to spiritually elevate the soul while living in our bodily temples.

The exploration of our inner selves goes beyond surface-level introspection. It involves delving into the depths of our consciousness, unraveling the mysteries of our own minds. This journey may take various forms, such as meditation, self-reflection, or seeking guidance from spiritual practices. As we venture into this realm, we uncover hidden aspects of ourselves, confront our fears, and embrace our true potential.

As we become more in tune with ourselves, we develop a heightened sense of empathy and understanding towards others. By understanding our own thoughts and emotions, we can better comprehend the experiences of those around us. This heightened awareness allows us to communicate on deeper and more meaningful levels. Our interactions with others become richer, fostering a greater sense of connection and shared experiences. This connection to others allows us to communicate from a foundation of subtle love that radiates into a higher level of elevation for those that practice being self aware.

The ultimate outcome of exploring our inner selves and developing self-awareness is a profound connection with the universal energies that many call “God.” This connection transcends religious beliefs and ideologies, as it is based on a personal and individual experience. As we delve deeper into our own consciousness, we tap into the infinite wisdom that permeates the universe, which in turn flows through each of us. We realize that we are not separate entities but interconnected beings, united by the same universal energies that govern the cosmos. This opens inward and outward doors allowing these energies to guide us when approached through prayer & meditation on a regular basis.

The Earth, cosmos, universal energies, Infinite Energies, The Source Of All Things – God, has blessed humanity with the incredible gift of mental faculties. Through self-awareness and the exploration of our inner selves, we unlock the potential to know ourselves better and, in turn, understand others on a deeper level. This journey leads us to a meaningful connection with the universal energies known as “God.” By embracing self-awareness and tapping into our inner power, we not only embark on a personal transformation but also contribute to the collective consciousness of humanity. So, let us embark on this journey of self-discovery and unlock the infinite possibilities that lie within us. Thus being good stewards of ourselves, others, and the nature surrounding us allowing the divine connection to God. 

There Are Many Methods To Worshiping God

The number of different people is the number of different ways to worship. Some do so in such ways as this:

1. Walking barefoot on the grass to find better alignment with nature & thus God
2.Waking and/or going to sleep giving thanks
3. Meditation in all its many forms
4. Exploring & practicing varied forms of spiritual self defense, emotional self defense, physical self defense, financial self defense, etc to become well rounded people as God intended
5. Prayer in all its many forms
6. Gathering with others to enjoy faith in the divine
7. Practicing the art of being aware of every moment to stay better connected to God
8. Long contemplative walks in nature, a park, sanctuary/church grounds, fruit orchards, permaculture areas, and amongst animals
9. Connecting with animals through feeding & nurturing them to promote their natural gifts by providing a healthier organic earth
10. Raising & loving animals for their ultimate union into our bodies as nourishment
11. Using the blueprints God made by growing & nurturing healthy food
12. Helping others see God’s blueprints in all things
13. Feeding other people in need by the fruits of our labor
14. Communicating & working in groups to discuss matters of living better to more fully know yourself. In an effort to more deeply discover yourself to foster more meaningful relationships in order to enhance a personal relationship with God
15. There are countless others.

There are too many worshiping methods to list here. However the ones mentioned above are some of what we do at this Sanctuary/Church. We believe all these varied methods of worship can create higher levels of positivity in our lives.

We fully believe in the individuals need to perform these religious practices in an environment that promotes & provides the above stated to better serve The Source Of All Things-God, other people, and ourselves.

Further we believe in reaching out to others so they may have these forms of worship in a safe family oriented Sanctuary/Church in these forms to elevate their lives. Thus fulfilling their spiritual, emotional, & social needs. Plus much more.

If such a place resonates with you then come visit us for Sunday service any Sunday at 1:30. Further we believe Sunday worship should be somewhat different every time. For example: Some Sundays we interview others on life’s issues to aid in our understanding of life; Other times we have presentations on topics to enhance how we live; Still others we do group talks/meditation/ and prayer in an effort to elevate each other; We hold special events such as games, cookouts, painting, growing food lessons, nature walks, and other creative events on the first Sunday of every month, and more. All in efforts to discover ways to aid in the enjoyment of life in the service to God, the land that sustains us, the people around us, and ourselves. 


Awareness. To gaze at a flower realizing your gaze is to be aware. To notice and appreciate the sound of your shoes tapping the floor with every step is to be aware. To catch your thoughts and guide them in a manner that serves you and the ones you love is to be aware. To feel the embrace of loved ones to your core savoring the moment is to be aware. Walking in the elements conscious of your movements through a wood. Experiencing every deep breath and gentle step with purpose. Aware of noticing, respecting and admiring the external while knowing your internal inexplicably is connected to the external. Realizing and utilizing imagination to see the wonder in the trees, shrubs, insects, and animals all connected in the magnificence of life. This awareness in every movement while soaking in the sun on an open field within prayer/meditation or in any place is one main concern of us striving to reach. Mindfulness aids in utilizing the gifts bestowed upon us by God, Mother Earth, Infinite Intelligence, The Source, or Universe (whatever word you wish to call the eternal energy) to further understand ourselves, our actions, and our connection to the ever lasting energy that is our soul. To be alive is not to live. To repeat daily habits in scattered mindlessness is to waste the gifts of the energies around & in us. The Source of all creation designed us to be aware and soak in with meaning all movements of our life. We believe it to be disrespectful to ourselves and God by lacking in ever striving to be consciously aware in the midst of our mindfulness.

Reaching The Divine Through Our Responsibilities

We believe that the divine Infinite Intelligence (God) is within every living being. Further we believe that our human faculties place distinct responsibilities upon each individual. These responsibilities include but are by no means limited to the following:

It is our responsibility to practice forms of prayer and/or meditation in a daily effort to commune with our inner divinity to reach a constant communion with Infinite Intelligence (God).

It is our responsibility to use the gift of critical thinking to explore the countless subject matter that allows for a better understanding of our personal divinity. Therefore creating a powerful connection to our individual inner core that opens the gateways that allows for prayer/meditation to reach deeper levels of connection to Infinite Intelligence (God).

It is our responsibility to open our hearts and minds to shrink the divides among our human family members. We practice this in varied forms of prayer/meditation; group worship & fellowship; individual & group gatherings in nature to commune with other life & Infinite Intelligence (God) to calibrate our frequencies in better tune with Mother Earth; and to strive in understanding, developing, and elevating our individual divinity to strengthen our connection to Infinite Intelligence (God).

It is our responsibility to commune with fellow humankind in nature to elevate our understanding of life. Thus to enhance our relationship with Infinite Intelligence (God), the obvious source of all things.

It is our responsibility to exude positive energy spreading & sharing such energy to all living things to make this life and world better for all.

Core Belief

These contain our core beliefs which are not in any hierarchical order. They are all equal. As we evolve more may be added or restructured.

1. The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.
2. Respect the sanctity & sovereignty of human life. Do not commit murder except in rare cases of extreme life threatening self defense, or the same in protecting others from extreme harm. Do not kill any other non-human life unless completely necessary.
3. Eat & drink in moderation, including alcohol. Govern every action as to not be over indulgent in any activity that prevents a balanced life.
4. Be curious and question everything. Never blindly nor idly follow anything or anyone.
5. Respect the possessions of others. Do not steal from another.
6. Do not lie.
7. Remove vanity from your life.
8. Practice the dissolution of ego.
9. Treat your body well with exercise; hydration; clean food; emotional stability; mental agility; and practice a stoic presence.
10. Do not be quick to anger. Be quick to peace.


Each person has their body of flesh that allows for the individual expression of consciousness.

A temple has many facets. There is the design/purpose; foundation; outer structure; rooms; & decorations. Each of these is critical to the other. If one is faulty it causes flaws in the entire temple.

To build and maintain a temple where one may find refuge then all parts must be intelligently considered and implemented. Otherwise it will be a disorderly mass of a nonsensical tragic comedy. That is why the design and purpose becomes critical, without the design there is no temple.

As for humans the design for each of us is drawn from our immediate parents, their parents, our ancestors, and all the way back to man’s beginning and even further. Our seed contains the memories and blueprint that once fertilized can only be a human. A human cannot be born as a chicken nor any thing except a human.

Part of the human design allows for us to engage in activities other than being aware of the body of flesh from a molecular level, or controlling them. Our mind, the control center, does not put at the forefront of thought regulating heart beats, regeneration of cells, blood flow, on most occasions breathing, removing toxins, repairing itself, countless forms of cellular communications taking place among them, only to name some.

Further, the cells that form each organ; cardiovascular system; nervous system; and energy radiation are among only some other aspects of the body that the individual is mostly unaware. The individual body of flesh performs undiscovered amounts of activity every second going unnoticed. This vast web of activity allows for us to concentrate our efforts into other areas of living. There obviously are some exceptions, such as; major bodily imperfections; traumas of any type that prevent normal body function; and environmental issues that prevent the full exploration into being human.

Who, what, & why created these seemingly infinite task and where do they get their instruction? The Who and Why is for another chapter, here we are concerned with the What, which is our design. Our blueprint, the seed, forced our bodies to grow into this flesh without the burden of regulating the important small scaled internal task, yet apparently not the most important humanly task. That task is developing wisdom; also for another chapter.

Like a Temple, our bodies must stay clean; maintained structurally; and kept orderly to be able to work at an optimal level. Since we do not have to give much awareness to the physically smaller bodily activities then we must consider these.

Clean simply doesn’t imply to take a daily shower, clean means inside and out physically, thought, spirituality, and emotionally.

To care for our temples (our bodies) wellbeing we must eat foods that provide nourishment, not harm to ourselves and prevent or mitigate the harm to Mother Nature, including other life. This includes the lack of food. To regularly fast, to go without food, giving the body time to cleanse itself. Food is further discussed in another chapter.

Also, we must stretch our muscles regularly to have and maintain proper flexibility, along with reliable movement. To exercise not to excess, yet in a manner that maintains sufficient muscle mass to perform physical activities well without strain. Doing so allows for a deeper enjoyment and respect for your life. Giving opportunity to run with children; to hike or walk in nature; to walk with your spouse gracefully holding hands; to intimately express yourself physically with your spouse to share the pleasurable touch of each other’s bodies; and much more. Without being physically in good condition then you adversely limit yourself doing an enormous disservice to your life. Thereby showing yourself and to the infinite that you have no respect for your precious life. That is not our blueprint.

Our blueprint is clearly designed to allow for leisure; sporting activities; learning; self improvement in all aspects; to commune with other life, and to grow love that encompasses hate. Also, our temple is a beacon that directly communicates with the entire universe transmitting thoughts, the essence of what we feel, and the entirety of our internal being. Each of us is an expression of the universe and in turn we express ourselves back to it.

If we disrespect our temples giving from the universe, or rather as we refer to it as infinite intelligence, then we simultaneously disrespect the infinite intelligence from which we are part. That is not our blueprint.

Our design it to find that which we love being engaged in and doing it. Further, we must exercise the nature of who we are to find peace, love, and tranquility within and outside of ourselves. We must give respect to infinite intelligence by engaging in activities that provide a healthy respect for ourselves. That is our blueprint.

Further, it is incumbent upon us to strictly monitor what is put into our bodies. That includes, but not limited to, eating organic foods that practice earth and animal loving practices. Also, our bodies demonstrate how it heals itself from a myriad of ailments from placebo studies and placebo control groups in all pharmaceutical studies. The sacredness of the body and its power to heal itself is vital to our belief system, which prevents the use of vaccines. Thereby promoting holistic approaches to prevention and healing of varied ailments with herbs, vitamins, various supplements, emotional health, physical health, and supporting a balanced healthy lifestyle.


Our adopted term for the grand creator is Infinite Intelligence, there are many names for It, the most common is God. The word ‘God’ mostly in western civilization conjures up biblical notions therefore we prefer to use the term Infinite Intelligence.

Questions arise within all of us, such as: Who created all of this?; Who created Infinite Intelligence?; What is the purpose for all of this?; Is there other similar life beyond earth?; What happens when we die?; and many more along these lines.

Philosophers, politicians, and the ambitiously arrogant convolute our minds with what inside of ourselves we intuitively already know. If only we scrape away the preconceived notions and influences, we can delve into ourselves to discover truth. Then we can discover the infinite intelligence in ourselves.

The finite mind of man acts as receiver to the Infinite Intelligence and as a transmitter conveying all our thoughts & perceptions back. This theory is practically proven by the work of physicist Nassim Harimein which allows man to confirm this spiritual idea with science. This body, the tool in which we carry around our consciousness, gives us the opportunity in most cases to communicate directly with Infinite Intelligence. Our limited minds, or to better call it our finite tool, prevents us from fully understanding Infinite Intelligence except through abstraction and analogies. Although we maintain the reality that our mind has much more capability than we have been lead to believe. Further there are vast methods being implemented by dark forces thereby limiting our minds from poor foods, chemicals, and propaganda in an attempt to stifle man’s exploration into stretching the mind into it’s full potential.

The mind of man cannot understand the infinite time before he was born, nor can he comprehend the infinite time that is after his bodily death. Yet what we can drill down upon is the obvious nature of man which is to commune with others. To rely on mutual aid between each other without authoritative people or governments clearly is one main purpose. Accomplishing that aim then allows for the more important purpose of embracing the inner self to elevate ourselves to the highest potential.

One naturally ask; what highest potential? Plainly stated it is the practice of temperance; to recognize our faults thereby correcting them; refrain from anger; strive for wisdom; strive for learning; strive for bodily good health; commune with the Infinite Intelligence; refrain from petty thoughts & actions; show our love for the ones we surround ourselves; have empathy & love for all mankind; appreciate and care for all we have in the material & immaterial vastness; prevent rushing to judgment about anything without knowing enough to make an informed wise opinion – even then be cautious; this is only to name a few, however the reader gets the point.

Then onto the question of what happens when our bodies die is the same as asking what were we before we were born. Do you remember? Of course you do not remember before you were born. Your receiver or body was not in this form. Where was your body? Your body was everywhere in parts not yet assembled. Those un-assembled parts were parts of other living things and what appears to be dead things, now these parts are you. Then after death the parts will move on morphing into other substances becoming parts of new living things and what most would consider dead things. Although as a side note we believe all things are alive if one explores deep enough.

This above stated fact illustrates how we are connected to all things from all time. In science there are tools which find all things within our smallest parts proving all things are within us. That fact is what makes it possible for us to explore all things within ourselves through reflection, thought, and meditation. It is not necessary to look to the external world when we all contain every part of the external within ourselves.

Mankind and all life, along with all material and immaterial thing, is an expression of Infinite Intelligence. Therefore we must consider everything’s role and connection to the other.


Many churches act as a mutual aid society for the benefit of their members which can be a wonderful experience no matter the faith. We use the word ‘sanctuary’ instead of ‘church’ due to the word ‘church’ insinuating a place of worshiping in one of the Christian belief systems. Here at our sanctuary, our spiritual beliefs are spelled out mostly on this page.

Further, we believe that everyone has inherent value and can be worthy of love & fellowship. Every person regrets actions of their past, and we believe in second chances because most people can correct wrongdoing type behavior.

The old adage rings true for us, in that we should treat people like we would wish to be treated.

Now on to mutual aid societies and how they can be varied groups. Some come together in groups to lower health insurance; some to regularly check in on the elderly; some to offer mutual assistance in their homes; some teach survival skills, simple medical skills, self defense, hunting & fishing; some gather for physical games and/or exercise; some perform neighborhood safety watches; some in self help gatherings; some to gather in celebration of their spiritual beliefs. Here we do all of these activities, believing that all of these and more help foster a cohesive membership that develops organic human connections to benefit the individual, and thus the whole.

We harbor the idea that mutual aid of a close knit community such as ours fosters meaningful human connection, instead of the impersonal lonely cold government assistance or lack of belonging to any such mutual aid group. In coming together in this manner, we build a connecting trust within our sanctuary where we learn from each other, spiritually grow, and have people around us that truly care about the health & wellbeing of each other. Thereby providing these things for our mutual aid society as a valuable part of our sanctuary.

Thus coming together for spiritual development and mutual aid makes the individual stronger, thus the whole.


The ego is a construct of the flesh, a potential tool, with the intent of adding itself into the spiritual toolbox. It can be another way to elevate the flesh and mind, while simultaneously influencing the individual to negative distractions focused on the limited perceived reality by humans.

Ego can be an additional self defense mechanism that does not come with an instruction manual. Therefore we must learn individually to harness the ego by steering it in a positive direction.

Thereby causing one to use the emotional intuitive nature inside each person. This allows exercising another of the minds tools, critical thinking mixed with our intuitive ancient memories, which can filter information to recognize truth.

Yet the magnetic pull of the ego into our perceived reality is a powerful force we must learn to keep in check. Otherwise the ego will lead us into separation from spirit and the fallacy of self importance. As a practical matter, we must navigate this perceived reality, learning to lovingly embrace the human experience in all its many facets without the ego adversely staining life.

The ego has enormous potential to cause harm primarily due to the lack of a manual, thereby setting in motion whatever whims occupy ones mind. Then naturally the ego wraps itself up into a force of competition with others in various ways such as; financial dominance (who has the most toys); educational condescension; and emotional superiority, only to name a few.

We must let go of ourselves in order to find ourselves. One method is NOT working through our trauma because that makes it a thing. Just let go. In most cases the trauma is not here in the present unless one makes it so. Only in our minds do these things become large or small. The triggers that set off flashbacks must be recognized in the moment and let it pass through calmly no matter the pain, anxiety, fear, or whatever it is: let it go. Realize that you have the power to let it go if you decide. Also one must recognize there will likely be reoccurring triggers that will find you. In those moments, let it go again. This becomes a practice and the traumas continue to lessen. The point being not allowing the ego to associate our experience with who we are by attaching itself to our pleasure and pain.

The ebbs and flows of past experience, current irritation, all the pleasures & pain, and life’s general issues set off spats of mental activity. When we remove ourselves in the moment, stepping back to view ourselves as an outsider, it is cosmically comical if you let it all be. If we do not step back to obtain a different perception of our experiences, then our egos take over creating false definitions of who we are as individuals.

The ego is distinct from the spirit. We are not our egos, just as thoughts are not the person. The actions of a person controlling urges & actions that cause damage to themselves physically, emotionally, intellectually, or otherwise, along with harming healthy relationships with loved ones defines the spirit (soul) of a person. When we side step the ego to cognitively decide to follow the intuitive good nature within us to practice complete self-awareness, and a broader perception of the self, then one can control the ego towards positive ends.

Practice being aware of the ego. When the ego shows a negative side one can readily notice it, which gives us the opportunity to use spiritual self-defense by squashing or side stepping it. In daily practice this becomes easier over time. All self-improvement is one step at a time. Therefore keep putting one foot in front of the other. Then over time you notice there is a significant distance from the starting point.

The Deconstruction of Spiritual Rape

The ‘program’ or the false paradigm that constructs our perceived realities has clouded our individual & collective inner clarity to see spiritual rape as normal, or at least view much of life as something we must accept.

This clever program constructs institutions, such as some religions and vast majority of governments, as restrictive tools to thwart inner spiritual examination and exploration under the guise of authority.

Upon casual inspection one quickly discovers many of these constructs as spiritual slavery and spiritual rape.

You do not need to delve deep into many religions to discover the clear use of subtle, and overt means to segregate their group from others to form a false sense of superiority. Such religions cloak themselves in belief that only they are correct in their path to salvation & absolution. Thereby believing only their group will reign supreme in the afterlife of the human body.

This creates a condescending attitude in each such religious group against the others which divides humanity. Further, these practices hand the spiritual power of the group over to a few that make controlling the masses infinitely easier. Individuals identify with such religions, thereby allowing little or no such examination other than what the leadership expresses. This becomes further exasperated by societal pressures of the micro-societies within such religions. The ego of the individual becomes wrapped up with that religion and most individuals do not like self exploration. Thus examination of their religion is often misconstrued as an attack on the individual. Then a vicious cycle often occurs where one religion fails to listen to the other & vice versa.

This lack of listening to honest questioning, nor opening up to discover additional truth, and the fear that ones religion (thus ones personal beliefs tied to their ego) have been somewhat or completely false, creates a dynamic of contention to limit the individual based on the construct of the program. Until the individual fully examines their religious doctrine with an open mind for truth, then there cannot be full truth within that individual.

For us, we practice the belief that there is some historical truth in many religions. Yet we recognize that most religions cause the enabling of authority to rape our spiritual advancement. We practice the delicate art of inclusion without judgment of one’s beliefs. We are individually on own our spiritual path. There is zero need for religious dogma, nor spiritual text, to bring one to a spiritual awakening. The answers are found within each individual upon reflection, varied meditation practices, and the study of ones self.

There are varied methods and modalities to reach self improvement, thus a more enlightened state of being. Here we practice individual and group sessions exploring the inner slices of the individuals unique personality and character to individualize methods of self improvement. Further we practice various meditation methods at our sanctuary and when weather permits we do so outside allowing a deeper connection with nature. These meditation practice focus on reaching into our core or the heart region. This allows our inner self to blossom outward in a positive manner for the individual creating & developing the energies of compassion, love, empathy, understanding, and nurturing communication for all.

We believe it is incumbent upon the individual to recognize the hampering of individual freedom fostered upon us by most governments. This hampering comes in different forms from being forced to pay for bloodshed (war), compulsory education, fraud & abuse, among others that make us accomplices in crimes against humanity. This unwittingly forces negative karma upon the individual and collective that creates vicious cycles. All of which we are diametrically opposed and must do everything in our individual and group capacity to thwart. The individual spiritual sacred soul cannot be allowed to be stained by forces that cause inward harm.

No government, nor religion has the right to disturb our individual or collective karma in negative fashions. We believe it is vital that these harmful cycles be broken in order for humankind to break free of unnecessary damaging and damning affects.

Our Connection To Mother Earth

Many people feel a disconnect between themselves and the earth, stars, and the seemingly ever expanding universe. This feeling of separation exist even though there is no way around the absolutism that humans, and all life we know, to be inextricably attached to and made from the earth & stars themselves.

We can easily reflect upon our individual lives coming up with the classic statement, “I wish I knew then what I know now.”

Taking that a step farther, we can reflect on how our thought processes have changed; how our bodies have changed; how our emotional intelligence has changed; how accumulated knowledge changes our intellect; along with vast other changes we can see from our births until present.

Our pets too evolve with training or lack thereof, age, and our beloved little friends go through a host of other changes. Inevitably this same evolutionary dance from plants to humans exist from simple observations over time in everything we see.

Our landscapes change or rather evolves constantly with and without mans intervention. This ranges from moving artificial national borders to the natural rerouting of rivers, erosion, earthquakes, to the wind shifting sand dunes. Yet apart from earths own natural changes and the suns intervention, the human, acting as a type of cancer, by changing earth through disrespecting practices of negative treatment has become powerfully sickening. Man enables companies to pollute the earth by falling for their marketing. All the while almost never exploring those same companies business practices & aims. In many instances these company practices (along with governments to individuals) perform harmful acts against Mother Earth, too many to detail here. It must be mentioned that many large companies stand diametrically opposed to individual autonomy, yet en mass we still feed them with our currency. Also, this allows for the exploitation or slavery of vulnerable people to increase profit margins instead of supporting more comfortable income classes. Thus we mostly disallow enhancing the quality of life or at least thwart the opportunity to promote life enhancing practices, which that is a form of disrespecting the life giving Mother Earth.

Let us dwell further on the fact that our energy transmitted through currency to these companies gives explicit consent to the consistent rape & pillage of Mother Earth in which we sprang. Thus making our mostly voluntary exchanges with these criminals an act of planetary abuse and moreover accessories in the worst form of crimes against all life forms. At the same time destroying ourselves in the process due to our inability to remove our need and absolute connection to Mother Earth. We fail to give back natural life sustaining gifts and instead give to earth our neglect & destruction.

The evolutionary subject has been & continues to be highjacked by others with nefarious purposes to advance one cause or the other. Leaving morsels of objective truth nowhere to be found except with fanciful lip service by some virtue signaling shallow sycophants.

The purposeful misdirections and distractions prevent many from recognizing there is no divide among the human family. Although, there certainly is surface tension mostly created through mental inputs from marketing & public relations machines making the individual believe their thoughts are their own. When in fact, those inputs fill the voids where little or no original thought existed. Thereby easily fooling the otherwise potentially independent critical thinker, that resides in us all, into believing all manner of constructs that may not be based on reasonable constructive thoughtful examination. More often, unfortunately, the individual gives their autonomy to others. Thereby living in a false paradigm of believing they are a thoughtful person with their own sovereign beliefs, when if fact little or no significant examination within the individual ever occurs. Leaving most individuals a shell of someone else’s imprints.

Thereby all these mentioned fabrics weave a veiled cap on exploring consciousness in seriously meaningful ways. Denying many the liberation into self exploration by their ignorance fostered upon them by societal constructs built on lies, half truths, and detours for the benefit of the few.

As strange as it may seem, our intelligence communities have long practiced and declassified countless documents illustrating the power of the individual mind. Along with the minds malleability to shape individuals into a construct for the benefit of the few. For thousands of years man, through varied cultures, has practiced rituals celebrating the reaches of mans mind to remote view; to be clairvoyant; to meditate into inward & outward dimensions; and to heal the body by power of thought, sound, intent, and a myriad of prayers. Aggressively over the past several hundred years political power players, elite controllers, and religious leaders have steadily stripped mans mind from its ancestral memory of these practices. Along with severing mans greater connection to Mother Earth and the reverence to her.

Dark forces surround us clouding the obvious truth directly in front of us, which is we are the conscious of Mother Earth. One might ask, “are you joking,” “how is that possible,” or something similar. Our response is how could we not be the consciousness of earth. If one uses simple logic and an ounce of thought it’s an easy conclusion.

The fact that we are the earth seems to escape most. Everything we eat and drink that makes up our bodies derives from the earth. Our bodies go back into the earth and other life grows from our bodies disintegration. Since all of our bodies are made up of the compounds from earth, including the water that constantly flows into one, then out, and into another creating a cycle of life it begins to become clear. Then is it logically possible to believe the sentient beings we are created by earth can be anything other than the eyes, ears, emotions, and consciousness of Mother Earth?

Earth being part of the solar system, thus the universe, then no other reasonable conclusion can be made other than we are extremely important to this planet. Otherwise, why create us? We must not take our connection and responsibility to Mother Earth lightly, nor the societal constructs that enslave much of her consciousness. It is our duty to liberate hearts and minds and create practices that build food security, emotional security, physical safety, and financial security for all. To do so requires humans to be free to discuss every topic openly & honestly without fear of offending to allow the true solutions to manifest to the top. As truth always finds a way to the light.

The Healing Power Of Laughter

Laughter is medicine. We practice the art of genuine smiles and childlike laughter. Few activities do a more profound natural job aiding in healing broken hearts, depression, loneliness, than the warmth of a smile. Fewer activities melt away inner walls than opening up to allow childish laughter & wonder.

One of our primary practices is not taking ourselves too seriously. In our human tool box of personal expansion is the power of laughing. We must sincerely use this tool.

Having an argument becomes less intense if the parties can muster compassionate smiles. Tears can turn into less pain when a friend can bring laughter to your heart.

Laughter can be the first tool in putting the ego in check by cracking up at yourself. Laughter can be the thing that elevates most tense situations. Laughter can be the heart opening thing that brings all people together in harmony.

We strive to find humor in most subjects. Levity is one of the true spices of life that should be poured on this serving of life.

Transforming Internal Demons

Every person has some slice of their thoughts and/or actions that can easily be labeled a demon. Whether these demons sprout out as betrayals of the flesh; disregarding vows; procrastination; failure to follow an idea or dream; showing too much or too little affection; failure to remain genuine to yourself or others; too quick to anger; making judgments without all the facts; and all manner of sorts that drives harm to ourselves.

Our solemn duty to ourselves remains the striving diligence to overcome these demons. Visiting with them in our private moments.

Letting ourselves know that most of these demons arise through varied primal instincts to survive. Therefore thanking them for dwelling inside us. These demons must be persuaded to become our allies. Transforming them into angels aiding in the daily navigation of life. Otherwise they will remain our enemies. Thwarting the good progress we make.

We promote the use of varied meditations, breathing exercises, communication, and a host of calming practices that fit the individual to tap into these demons allowing honest evaluation into our core. Vigilant awareness, persistence, time, and good practice nurtures the demons to morph into butterflies. Nothing within this practice is easy. Being honest with ourselves requires being uncomfortable in what we find throughout our core that often manifest into the outer world showcasing negative reverberations.

Rising to the natural state of heightened awareness is the ultimate goal. Each of us before these explorations & work have unknown toxic beliefs, methods of thinking, and adverse actions that must be recognized and corrected. After the recognition true work begins by an arduously difficult task of re-learning, reprogramming, and constant vigilance to overcome these demons. The task is possible. Infinitely rewarding and utterly necessary for the betterment of humankind which starts with you, the individual.

The divine within us all aches to be free. Most people feel the divine in and around us. It is our responsibility to learn how to manifest the positive nature inward & outward. Doing so reconciles our negative aspects providing us the opportunity to create a world in which contentment & ultimate happiness prevails.

Knowing The Dangers Behind Certain Beliefs

Regardless of religious beliefs, individually a close examination is required into that belief system to ensure what is believed does not carry seeds of danger.

For instance, at the risk of offended many, most people fall into the trap of believing they are extremely familiar with their individual belief system.

When in fact most people have never fully read cover to cover the books (scriptures) on their particular religion. Too many people solely rely on societal norms, religious schools, preachers, priests, rabbis, and the like to influence how they interrupt individual religious beliefs. Having knowledgeable influences in such matters is practical. As long as these religious influencers do not thwart or deny our innate discernment to discover the truth inside ourselves.

We subscribe to the understanding that the path of least resistance often finds its way into the thought processes of humans. This realization illuminates the need to overcome ones desire to simply believe a thing without material investigation. We believe it is incumbent upon each individual to fully understand their beliefs. Along with comprehending the intended & unintended consequences those beliefs have on broader society. If ones beliefs have intentional and/or unintentional negative reverberations on humanity, then obviously those flaws must be explored in a manner that either altar those believes into positivity or removed from ones thoughts.

When such failure in discernment occurs, people currently and historically, rest their thoughts of devastating actions & outcomes into reality. To have masses believe in an idea of “end times” produces the portal for that manifestation. To have masses believe that one must succumb to their belief system or otherwise they are doomed souls in the eyes of their god creates many pathways to prejudice, discrimination, dominance, and control.

None of which fully provides an open heart to blossom into elevated levels of empathy, understanding, compassion and true love for fellow humans who believe differently. Much less have real patience for honest questions from good hearted curious minds.

Ultimately, most people collectively view others from their religious bent. This is and has been the undeserved death of countless souls in the name of religion. One needs only look at the crusades and the Catholic Church. Further one may easily discover that if the papal voice denounced the holocaust then the many German soldiers would not have participated in the elimination of Jews in WWII. The list of all religious atrocities can easily continue ad nauseam.

We hold the highest levels of self exploration paramount and self betterment as the primary goal in this life. When we fully comprehend ourselves individually and actively strive for positive outcomes in all inner & outward relationships, then we truly make the world a more desirable place.

Use Your Gifts

You and everyone else has unique sets of skills, critical thinking, physical attributes, and more that the Universe, The Source, Infinite Intelligence, Mother Nature, GOD, or whatever label for IT you subscribe has given you. For this believe section we use Mother Nature.

These unique characteristics are each individuals responsibility to fully utilize these gifts to the highest level.

Mother Nature through simple observation illustrates how she creates life to rise to their highest positive potential. The lack of utilizing our individual qualities bestowed upon the individual (you) in halfway measures is akin to us slapping Mother Nature with a fist full of disrespect.

We recognize that our individual self responsibility is to exercise our minds, bodies, spirituality & every aspect of ourselves. In NO way should we use any religious or spiritual crutch as excuses in failing to strengthen every aspect of our being.

We are obviously an extension of the earth and thus the universe. Our bodies are made from the earth, and practically every substance within earth. The earth has developed a consciousness that can feel emotion; see, hear, touch, smell, & taste; love & hate; build and destroy; enhance life or kill it; and we are the manifestation of the earths collective consciousness. We are not separated from a river, nor are we separated from anything our eyes are allowed to see.

We are the method in which the universe gets to see itself. Mother Nature created us to be observers in order to take action to let the better natures take root and blossom.

Realizing our highest levels of compassion; achieving beneficial goals that provide more beneficial attributes than negative; and maintaining fruitful adventure & advancement is our purpose. Otherwise why would the earth and universe bestow upon us the ability. Failing to use the ability is failing ourselves and the universe. We believe in striving no matter how many stumbles cause a fall. Rising up afterwards and moving forward in harmony with ourselves, thus with universal understanding.

Mystics Of Texas

We believe life is more meaningful when we all have a deep understanding of ourselves, others, and communion with God. This allows for a more expansive respect for Mother Nature and all living creatures.

We believe there is not one prophet; not one religion; not one scope in scientific study; not one of mans “god(s)”; none of these could possibly have all the correct answers. So we explore them all with the reasoning ability the universe bestowed on us all to exercise.