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Deep Explorations With
Kevin Schmidt & Gill Yedidia

Beyond the blindfold

Welcome back, explorer! You’ve successfully completed the first part of the online course of your journey with Mystics of Texas. Now, it’s time to delve deeper into the wellspring of your being and uncover the power and spiritual growth that lies dormant within. In this transformative online spiritual and personal development course, we shed light on concepts that have captivated humanity for centuries. We move beyond the surface, dismantling misconceptions and fostering genuine understanding.


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Unveiling the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. We'll explore the true meaning of karma, dispelling myths and empowering you to create a future filled with positive outcomes.

The Power of Laughter

Unlocking Joy and Harmony. Discover the transformative power of laughter. Learn how to cultivate joy within yourself and foster stronger connections with others.

Understanding Jealousy

Transforming a Powerful Emotion. Jealousy, a complex emotion we all experience. We'll explore its root causes and equip you with tools to transform its energy into positive motivation.

The Wisdom of Forgiveness

Healing Yourself and Others. Delve into the liberating practice of forgiveness. Learn to release negativity, cultivate compassion, and pave the way for inner peace.

The Nature of Reality

Unveiling the Multifaceted Tapestry of Existence. We'll embark on a philosophical quest, questioning the very fabric of reality. Explore the interconnectedness of everything and discover your place within the grand scheme.

The Power of Words

Harnessing Language for Positive Transformation. Words are powerful tools. Learn to speak with intention and use language to empower yourself and uplift others.

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Kevin Schmidt

About Kevin Schmidt

Being raised in a traditional family in the States, resulting in being exposed deeply into 3 extremely different Christian faiths (Catholic, Pentecostal, & Baptist). At an early age Kevin felt compelled to believe that there was more to the Spirit than what was taught in those denominations. After a solid 10 plus years into self exploration, Kevin had several tragedies that set the path of self knowledge into overdrive. This led to him creating the sanctuary, Mystics Of Texas, nestled in the piney woods of East Texas on the Louisiana/Texas border. For years Kevin has built a refuge for everyone seeking to broaden their spiritual path of understanding where the focus has been: self exploration that results in a higher quality of life, thereby allowing for enhanced relationships, and ultimately an advanced connection to nature & The Infinite.

About Gill

Born in Israel where he spent the formative years contemplating religious & spiritual tensions in the Middle East, Gil went on to delve into a decades long practice of many spiritual modalities. This honed his skills in meditation, building & maintaining solid relationships, and a meaningful connection to the energetic forces of the universe. Gil’s world travels landed him most of adulthood in the United States living on both coast. The Source brought Gil & Kevin together where for half a year the pair worked tirelessly on their life’s spiritual experience & knowledge to distill a course for all stages of inner work. This course work is the culmination of combined deep understanding into the elevation of Spirit. Thus, allowing individuals insight into the varied slices of themselves on the path of awareness.

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Mystics Of Texas

Mystics Of Texas

We believe life is more meaningful when we all have a deep understanding of ourselves, others, and communion with God. This allows for a more expansive respect for Mother Nature and all living creatures.

We believe there is not one prophet; not one religion; not one scope in scientific study; not one of mans “god(s)”; none of these could possibly have all the correct answers. So we explore them all with the reasoning ability the universe bestowed on us all to exercise.